Unit 1

•Base/Acid Reactions 1 •Base/Acid Reactions 2 •Base/Acid Reactions 3 •Keto-Enol Tautomers(Base) •Keto-Enol Tautomers(Acid) •Alkylation of Hydroxide •Williamson Ether Synthesis •Epoxide from Halohydrin •Alkylation of Thiol •Alkylation of Azide •Amine Alkylation •Halide Exchange •Alkylation of Cyanide •Alkylation of Acetylide •Ester Alkylation •Epoxide Hydrolysis •Grignard & Epoxide •alpha-Halogenation •Halogenation of Alcohols •Ether Cleavage •Solvolysis •Acetal(Ketal) Formation •Acetal(Ketal) Hydrolysis

Unit 2

•Dehydrohalogenation •Double Dehydrohalogenation •Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution (E/Ad) •Dehydration to Alkene •Hemiacetal Hydrolysis •Carbenes •Hydrohalogenation of Alkene •Hydration of Alkenes •1,4-Addition •Halogenation of Alkenes •Halohydrination •Carbonyl Hydration(Base) •Cyanohydrin Formation •Grignard & Carbonyl •Grignard & Carbon Dioxide •Carbonyl Reduction •Grignard & Nitrile •Carbonyl Hydration (Acid) •Hemiacetal Formation •Conjugate Addition •Acetal(Ketal) Hydrolysis

Unit 3

•Aldol Condensation •Oxime Formation •Imine Hydrolysis •Ester Saponification •Claisen Condensation •Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution (Ad/E) •Acid Chloride Hydrolysis •Anhydride Hydrolysis (Base) •Acid Chloride to Ester •Anhydride to Ester (Base) •Acid Chloride to Amide •Anhydride to Amide •Acid Chloride to Anhydride •Ester to Amide •Fischer Esterification •Ester Hydrolysis (Acid) •Grignard & Ester •Nitrile Hydrolysis (Acid) •Nitrile Hydrolysis (Base)

Unit 4

•Aromatic Nitration •Azo Coupling •Friedel-Crafts Acylation •Friedel-Crafts Alkylation •Aromatic Halogenation •Diels Alder Reaction •Decarboxylation •Hydroboration/Oxidation

Unit 5

•Carbocation Rearrangement •Gabriel Synthesis •Acetoacetic Ester Synthesis •Malonic Ester Synthesis •Reductive Amination

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